We aim to provide housing to the fastest growing market segment in Texas – Hispanics who are seeking entry level home ownership.  We will do this by redeveloping and expanding an existing mobile home park, renting pads for homes, and through selling model manufactured homes in the park.



The chance to own a home.



Affordable home ownership for working class Hispanic consumers.



A community that is welcoming and attuned to Hispanic families.

Welcome to AmeriCasa!

We provide hard-working Hispanic families with the American dream of home ownership. Our new manufactured home park will provide a stable community, one that is family friendly and is culturally attuned to Hispanics. There are no options in the market today which provide these things simultaneously.

In Texas (and nationally) there is a large and persistent gap between the demand for affordable housing and the rate at which new units are coming available. Today, more than 43% of Texans can’t afford a house over $150,000, yet the median sales price is $196,000. (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas/Texas A&M University Real Estate Center, September 1, 2016.)

In the Houston sub-market we are targeting (20 mile radius of Bush Intercontinental Airport) the shortage of manufactured home pads is even more critical.    The handful of mobile home parks that currently exist are all above 100% capacity.  In other words, the existing parks are completely full and have long waiting lists.  Even if a customer finds a manufactured home he can afford, there is no place to put it.

AmeriCasa Dream Homes™ is a trademarked brand and that name is being used by permission.  The slogan is “El sueño Americano a tu alcance,” which means the American Dream within your reach.

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